1. Basic policy

The dotpict management team (hereinafter referred to as "book management") recognizes the importance of personal information and believes that protecting personal information is a social obligation, and individual Compliance with information laws and regulations, we will properly acquire, use and manage personal information handled by this management.

2. Scope

This Privacy Policy indicates the policy that this management adheres to when handling personal information of a user (honorific title abbreviation) or similar information in this service.

3. Acquisition of Personal Information and Purpose of Use

The administration may provide the following information from users.

· E-mail address and password used for logging in this service

· Advertisement ID (used for delivering optimal advertisement)

In addition, this management will use the information provided by users in this service within the scope of the following purposes. We will not use it for purposes other than purpose without your consent.

· To log in to this service

· Opinions on this service, confirmation of inquiry content · For reply

· To improve this service

· To deliver the best advertisement

4. Management of personal information

In this administration, we will thoroughly follow the management of information acquired from users.

1). Securing the accuracy of information

Regarding information acquired from users, we will endeavor to be accurate and up to date information.

2). Safety management measures

Regarding this management, we carefully handle the handling of personal information with extreme care and strict handling.

3). Retention period and disposal

Information provided by users will be discarded when this service is terminated. Also, even when it becomes unnecessary, it will be disposed promptly.

5. Whether or not a third party is provided

This administration does not provide personal information to third parties without obtaining consent from users. However, in the following cases this is not the limit.

· Disclosure or offer is permitted by law

6. Disclosure, correction, suspension of use etc. of personal information

When there is an offer such as disclosure, correction, suspension of use etc., we will respond according to the method prescribed by our company. For specific methods, we will inform you individually, so please contact the reception desk below.


7. Revision

Revised on October 6, 2018

Formulated February 2, 2018